"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten" Rudyard Kipling

Content Consultations

Two heads are better than one, and Content Consultations are 90 minutes of one-to-one time, where you can tap into my knowledge and expertise to get bespoke solutions to your content creation conundrums. How you use that time is up to you.

We could, for example, use the time to:

  • devise your content creation strategy.
  • spend an hour brainstorming topic ideas, and use the rest of the time having me review a blog post or two.
  • bust through your blogging blocks.
  • sort out your editorial calendar.
  • get really clear on your ideal customer and what they want you to blog about.
  • figure out the best way to get you more readers.
  • increase your confidence in your blog post writing.

It’s your call. If you know why you’re not blogging we can work with that, if you don’t then I’ll help you figure it out, and then we’ll explore different solutions. Whatever’s stopping you from blogging, I can help you to get blogging and keep blogging. Click on the button and let’s get started!

Investment: £150

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Ghost Blogging/Content Writing


If, like Kimber, you’d rather be off doing something other than blogging, or creating any other kind of internet content, I can do it for you. I’ve written blog posts, web copy, sales emails, case studies, newsletters, product descriptions, and brochures for clients that represent a vast range of industry sectors. I’ve been writing stories to help people understand what businesses are all about for over 15 years. I’m good at identifying the right stories to tell, and then telling them from your ideal customer’s perspective. If you’d like to explore further how we could work together, then book a Discovery Chat using the button below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Bespoke Training, Coaching, and Mentoring

If you’re not sharing your stories, then you’re effectively hiding all your best attributes in a box. Don’t be like Kimber, share your stories and give your ideal customers as many reasons to buy what you sell as you can. As an experienced coach, trainer, and mentor, I can help you and your organisation to share the stories that’ll help you get chosen. I offer bespoke training solutions depending upon what you need. Book in for a Discovery Chat using the button below to start the conversation.