How will your ideal customer choose you?

When you’re a small business with big ambitions, you need to find the best way to connect with as many of the right people as possible: to show them who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Just telling people isn’t enough to help them get to know, like, and trust you, which is why successful businesses use content marketing to become better known for what they do. They share their stories through blogging, making videos, recording podcasts, and social media updates. By sharing stories that your customers and potential customers can see themselves in; stories that help them get to know, like, and trust you; and stories that help them get a sense of who you are and what you stand for, you create an emotional connection. You help your ideal customers to engage with you by creating content that counts: content that connects with those customers, that’s aligned to your business objectives, and that helps people choose you.

I’d love to work with you if you’re a friendly business owner who offers a great service or experience, but not enough people seem know about you and how you can help them.

You want to grow your business, and you know that content marketing is the right approach, but you don’t have the time to get to grips with all the ins and outs. Your online presence may be fragmented: blighted by infrequent blog posts, lacklustre social media engagement, and other, more business focussed, priorities. You need someone to save you time, to guide you, to help you understand what you need to do, and to help make sure you actually do it. A content creation ally, if you like. Someone like me!

I started my business career with a major financial services organisation. I’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, public and private, and conveyed the right kind of information about their operations so that the bosses on high could decide whether or not to lend them millions of pounds.

Towards the end of my corporate banking career I changed direction, and worked with several corporate banking departments to ensure they had the right knowledge, skills, and experience; and provided coaching and training in interpersonal skills, leadership, and change management.

More than six years ago, I left the bank to set up my own business. My first business was a life/ business coaching practice, which seemed at the time to best fit my experience and expertise. But after realising how much I loved writing, I switched to writing the likes of web copy, sales letters, brochures, and blog posts for other small businesses.

Words and business have formed the backbone of my career, and helping you create content that counts lets me combine all of the knowledge, skills, and experience I’ve spent the last two and a half decades accumulating. I know how to get to grips with a business quickly, and I know how to figure out what other people will want to know about it. I’m told by my clients that I have ‘a genius way with words’, and I’m an experienced coach and training facilitator. Whether you need help with strategy, or implementation, or both, I can help.

As a busy business owner I know that one approach does not fit all businesses, which is why I offer services ranging from a one-off block-busting session, to full content support.

I’ve spent years learning about content, and creating it. I know how to make your content count, how to make it connect with your ideal customer, and contribute to your business growth. And I’d love to show you how it could work for your business.

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I’m looking forward to working with you!