They say that a change is as good as a rest.  And you know what, I reckon they’ve got a point.  In fact I’d go so far to say that a change is a rest.  A rest from the routine, the mundane, the usual.  And the result of that rest can be quite remarkable.

Last night we had dinner with a friend, and found ourselves toasting ‘new beginnings and enduring friendships’.  The friend has upped sticks from the city where she’s lived almost her entire life, and moved to London.  So far she’s lived in Ealing, Camden, and Putney, in the last six months, and she doesn’t rule out another move six months down the line.  I thought she looked fine before the move, but now?!  Wow!  She positively radiates confidence and happiness!  She’s got such a sparkle about her.  She knew she was in a rut, but now she realises how deep that rut was, now that her major life change has propelled her out of it at great speed.

And the husband has a new job.  When he got the new job, he was over the moon!  We celebrated, but nothing changed.  There was notice to work, leave to negotiate, and nothing was moving at the pace he would have liked.  Change was afoot, but there was no sign of the rest.  The routine, the mundane, the reasons he wanted to leave, continued apace.  Earlier this week, he was given an earlier leaving date and told there was no need for him to be in the office.  So now with a certain start date, and no requirement to negotiate the tired rut day after day, his demeanour is lighter, he’s happier, and he too, is radiating happiness.  He’s out of the rut, and has the effect of the rest he’s about to have, already!

As for me, I’m having so much fun writing for my different blogs, dreaming up fun stuff to send my Sunday Sunshine subscribers, and coming up with new products, that I don’t have time to find a rut.  I get to experience change every day, which must surely mean that each day is a rest day for me 🙂