Any sales course worth its salt will feature a section on buyer behaviour. Research shows that when people are buying something that costs more than a few pounds, they need a number of good reasons to do so. Reasons that resonate with them and move them closer to parting with their money. These reasons are known as ‘convincers’. The number of convincers a person needs will depend on how badly they want what you’re selling, how expensive it is to them, and their personality type. Some people, as a rule, don’t need a lot of convincing: they can hear a few details and make their mind up quickly; others need a lot more information, and reasons, to buy. They’ll be looking for more evidence that what you’re selling is the right thing for them, and that it represents value for the money they’re spending.

The more you blog, the more convincers you’re giving your potential clients. Not all of your blog posts will strike home though, which is why I always recommend blogging regularly, and varying what you write about. So sometimes you might blog about your clients and their problems. Other times you might blog about what you sell and how it helps your clients. And yet other times, you might blog about yourself, giving them reasons why you’re the person they should be working with. Sometimes those blog posts will be subtle, but there’s no harm in a blatant ‘this-is-what-you-get-when-you-hire-me’ kind of a post. Like this one. I read that most people need around seven convincers, so here are seven reasons you should be working with me. 🙂

ONE: I’ve been in your shoes. Hell, I am in your shoes! I’ve faced resistance, experienced the blocks, worried about what people will think, convinced myself that I’ve got it all wrong, stopped blogging, and come out the other side. I can help you because I get it. You’re doing all the things, and you don’t have time to do it wrong and mess it up. You worry that people will laugh, and that your writing will lose you credibility rather than win you customers. I will help you get it right.

TWO: I’m really good at seeing the big picture. I keep you focussed on how your blog can help you reach your wider business objectives, and if ever you get bogged down in all the detail of a blog post, which can easily happen, I’ll bring you back out of the chaos to reconnect with why you’re blogging in the first place. This is only one way I have of making blogging easier for you.

THREE: I’m an ideas person. I’m really good at coming up with ideas, and I can often be heard saying ‘Oh, you know what you should do…?’ when speaking to business colleagues. The better I get to know your business, the better I’ll be at this, but I will always be able to help you come up with ideas of what to blog about.

FOUR: I’m really good fun to work with. Don’t underestimate how important it is to have fun at work! I take what I do seriously, but I’m not a serious person. You’ve seen my cartoons, right?! I’m straight talking, but I tell it how it is with kindness and humour. I promise you that we will have a laugh at the same time as I support you to get blogging and keep blogging.

FIVE: I’m a skilled and experienced writer and coach/mentor. I’ve been writing about businesses in one way or another for almost twenty years. From writing reports so that the bank’s credit committee could decide whether to lend millions of pounds to a business they’d never heard of, to any one of my freelance writing projects, which include ghost blogging, and writing web copy, sales letters, and product descriptions. I’m also a fully qualified coach, although I like telling people what I think they should do, so I prefer to mentor!

SIX: I have a very good imagination. I used to get told off for daydreaming, but now I use my active imagination to write fiction stories. I create characters and imagine what they would do in any given situation, which is handy for stepping into your customers shoes, and means it’ll be easier for me to help you come up with the stories they want to hear from you.

SEVEN: I’m a fantastic cheerleader. When you have me in your corner, you have me in your corner, and I will give you my all. I will encourage you, pick you up when you think you’re crap at writing and show you that you’re not. I’ll hold your hand when you don’t know what to write or how to write it. I will also kick your arse when you give me lame excuses, and I’ll hold you accountable when that’s appropriate.

If you want to blog, but you don’t know what to blog about, or you worry that your writing isn’t up to scratch, then check out my Write And Review programme. Together we decide what you’re going to blog about that month, and draft out four blog post outlines. Then each week you write your blog post, and send it to me to review. I email you back my suggestions, which allows you to polish your post and click ‘publish’ with confidence.