Today I thought Kimber’s number was up.  I thought we’d lost her, and that the walk we’d planned for this afternoon wouldn’t happen.  Ten minutes earlier, I’d thought that the story we were bringing back from our run was the fact that we’d got lost by running our all too familiar route backwards.  But then she saw a flock of birds in a tree.  And some ducks under the tree.  Not too dramatic until you realise that the tree was in the river.  The River Tay, to be precise.  Which is known for it’s strong currents at this time of year.

I thought she was in front of me, so when the flock of birds took off suddenly into the air, and the ducks quickly followed, I didn’t think too much of it.  But I did notice a strange sound coming from the river and began to wonder.  I called her a few times, and when she didn’t come I started to scan the immediate area.  No sign.  I scanned the banks of the river.  No sign.  Then I looked into the river, and behind a tree, some way in, a familiar head bobbing and the source of the strange sound.  Shit.  A scrabble down the bank and a quick launch into the water saw me grab her from behind the tree and carry her to the side of the river.  We’re both warm and dry now, and we had a great walk this afternoon.  But as we sit and reflect with a glass of something cold, I can’t help counting Kimber’s lucky stars.