A year ago I thought ‘manifesting’ was Woo Woo nonsense.  I didn’t believe in it.  Now, I’m a complete convert and look to manifest whatever I need.  Mostly it works, in that I get the result, but almost never in the way that I expect to.

Take this morning for example.  Before we talk about the snow, we need to rewind to yesterday lunchtime.  Kimber started limping about a mile from home.  She wouldn’t put any weight on her leg, so I had to carry her home.  When I washed her – she was very muddy – we found that she’d stepped on a thorn, and when we removed it, her paw was bleeding 🙁  As an overprotective mother, I whisked her off to the vet.  Who eventually found the hole and gave her an antibiotic shot.  As a passing thought on our way out, he suggested that she stay out of deep mud.  Bollocks!  All her normal walks are very muddy.  I wished fervently that I could take her on her normal walks today.  So when we woke up to snow, it wasn’t what I expected, but her walks were no longer muddy!  Result!

It’s not the first time that we’ve manifested something good.  In Australia we were hit with an unexpected car hire bill.  Well, we suspected we might have to find alternative transport, and hoped that we would have a car when we came back from our trip to Melbourne.  As it turned out that car came at a cost we hadn’t planned for, but the husband had played the pokies (fruit machines) at the casino the night before, and won the jackpot!  I’ve never known him to play them before, but we were glad he had.

And just last week I emailed the owner of the networking group I’m a member of, complaining that the next available speaker slot wasn’t until September.  I said I’d like something sooner, but I’d obviously take what there was.  On Monday he called me to tell me that the speaker for today’s event had dropped out and did I want to take their place?  Yes, please!  So a week after saying I wanted a speaker slot before September, I was helping fifty business people to see the benefits of storytelling in their business.

It happens all the time.  If I put some energy into something I want, I invariably get it.  Parking spaces, meetings moved without me having to move them, new clients when I really need them, the list is endless.  It’s important to be clear about what you want though.  And to be positive.  If you ask for something you don’t want, chances are you’ll get it!  It’s true what your mother used to tell you: be careful what you wish for!

Oh, and sorry about the snow…