One of the questions I’m asked most frequently, is what to blog about. So here are fifteen suggestions! You’ll easily get more than one blog post from all of them, so you shouldn’t be stuck for blog post inspiration for quite some time!

One: Write about how what you sell helps people. So if your product or service helps people to get organised, write about that.

Two: Go a step further and ask yourself what the less obvious benefits are to people of buying what you sell. So if you help people to get fit, ask yourself what else they get apart from fitness, and blog about that.

Three: Find out what frustrates your customers, and blog about that, showing that you understand them, and that you can help them.

Four: Write about what’s happening in the world at the moment, and what that means for you, or what it might mean to your customers. That could be anything from a change of season, to a sporting event, to a major disaster. Take inspiration from the world around you.

Five: What have you learned from the important people in your life? Your parents, your partner, your children, your dog? If you’ve read more than a few of my posts, you’re bound to have come across one about Kimber!

Six: Why do you do what you do? Everyone is interested in why other people do what they do!

Seven: How have you got to where you are? What has your journey involved? You can probably get a few blog posts out of this one!

Eight: What are the key lessons you’ve learned on your journey so far?

Nine: What do you love most about your business, who you help, what you get from your business? There’s three for the price of one!

Ten: Take a previous blog post and come at it from another angle.

Eleven: What other challenges do your customers face? Write about how you’ve tackled them, invite someone to guest post on these subjects, or interview someone who’s expertise is in this area. Or do all three.

Twelve: Review a book you’ve read recently that might be of interest to your customers.

Thirteen: Write about what you’ve learned from a book or course, how you’ve applied it to your business, and what benefits that’s given you.

Fourteen: Link to a topical news story or blog post, giving it your own commentary.

Fifteen: Write a client success story. This is like a case study, but you put your customer at the centre of the story and make them the hero.

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