I’m always looking to find new ways of adding value to my client relationships. So when my friend Laura from Commission Crowd sent me a link to a Business Zone article, written by Gavin Bell of Blue Cliff Media, about his value based selling approach, I was curious.

Gavin has devised a simple, yet genius method to demonstrate his experience and expertise to potential clients, in a way that gives them something of value even if they don’t engage his services. He starts by compiling a list of potential clients from LinkedIn, before recording a video review of their social media activity. He emails them to ask if they’d like the review, and if they do he sends it to them. It gives them some useful pointers about what they can do to improve the results they get from using Social Media, whether they use Blue Cliff Media to help them or not.

It’s such an abundant approach, and there are so many upsides that I can see. The businesses get better results from their social media, and Blue Cliff Media raises awareness of its brand, while establishing a raft of brand ambassadors. Because even if a business isn’t looking to engage the services of a digital marketing agency, they’ll be more likely to recommend Blue Cliff Media to other businesses who are. After all, they’ve had experience of their services, and their value-based approach.

Adapting this idea to your industry or market may take a little imagination, but essentially it involves making a list of the people you can help and giving them something of value that’s pertinent to their business. If you’re a business coach it might involve approaching businesses you’d like to work with and offering them a business review. If you’re an artist it might be making a list of cafes without artwork and sending them a vision of how your art could help make their cafe a more welcoming part of the community. If you’re a web designer or copywriter, it might involve approaching businesses and offering to review their website. There are so many ways you can add value.  Share your ideas in the comments below!

To read the article, click on the link below.  🙂

How I’ve Won A Global Client Base In Just Five Months, by Gavin Bell of Blue Cliff Media

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