Earlier this week I started to write a post in this blog, then scrapped it because I thought other people would find it mind numbingly boring. It just wasn’t interesting enough to post. Then a couple of days later I was lamenting the fact that I don’t blog as much as I want to in this space, when it struck me what was holding me back: the need to be interesting. And when I examined that need, I realised what bullshit it was.

I’m reading ‘Everything You Need You Have’ by Gerad Kite, and it’s gold dust for a ‘live-in-your-head’ kind of a person like me! It basically teaches you how to stop letting your mind control you, and the first step is realising that your mind assigns you all of these labels of how you want to perceive yourself. So when I’m writing in this blog, I want to present myself as an ‘interesting person’. Which is a mask, really, because at my core I’m just a person like everyone else. And some people will find what I write interesting, because of the person I am, and others will find me boring as all hell, because of the person I am. And that’s okay. Who cares if someone finds what I write boring. There are seven billion people in the world, surely some of them will like what I write. And even if they don’t, Kimber loves me, and that’s all the adoration I need.