Last week the husband appeared in my study, brandishing an article that one of his colleagues had given him. It was from a trusted source, and it declared that one of the things he should be doing, is blogging. Never mind that his wife has been telling him that for years! Anyway…. he had a question. And had at least recognised that I might be a person who could answer it! He wanted to know how to blog. He said that he now knew (!) that he should be blogging, but he didn’t know where to start.

I resisted the urge to give him the url of my blog, and decided to help him one-on-one. Without charging him upfront. In a nutshell, here’s what happened.

One: We talked a little about what he wanted to get out of blogging, and where he’d be publishing his posts. He’s doing it for business development purposes, and he’ll be publishing his posts on LinkedIn. So far, so easy.

Two: I introduced him to the Story Cupboard template, which’ll keep all of his great blog post ideas, as well as sources of industry and market news, together. I showed him how he can use it to get inspiration for blog posts, as well as making sure he always has something to write about.

Three: We looked at where he might find inspiration for things to write about, and how he could find other blog posts to read that his readers might find interesting.

Four: We decided when he was going to carve out the time to blog. This means he’s much more likely to do it, because he’s combining it with another, similar activity, putting it in his diary, and taking himself out of the office to do it.

 Five: I gave him my top tips for writing a blog post, and as a special bonus I gave him my Blog Post Template, which’ll help him structure his posts.

He’s not one for detail, so I had to keep our session short and to the point. If he needs anything else, he knows where to find me!

If you’re in the same position, and realise that you should be blogging but don’t know where to start, I can help you. In one session we can figure out your blogging objectives, aligning them to your business objectives.We can start to build a profile of who you want to appeal to. We can start to fill your Story Cupboard with blog post ideas and where to find more. And we can even take one of those ideas and look at how you can turn it into a real, live, blog post. All you have to do is click here and book an appointment for a Content CPR call in my diary.

And remember that you get a Story Cupboard template for free when you sign up for my newsletter. If you’re an existing subscriber who’s lost theirs, just yell and I’ll send you another one. 🙂