I sat down at my computer half an hour ago to write this blog post.  And ended up writing one at The Write Angles instead.  I guess that’s what happens when you turn up prepared to write without knowing what you’re going to write about!  And I think it goes to show that inspiration isn’t something that you wait around for, like lightning to strike: it’s something you have to show up for.  And sometimes it’s something you have to seek out.  Actively seek out: like fish in a river.  It might be elusive at first, but if you keep looking you’ll find it.  You also have to go to the river in the first place; you’re never going to catch a fish by sitting on your living room settee.  I also think that the more you get out and do things, or the more you read, or the more you talk to people, the more inspiration you are likely to have.  Sometimes of course the problem is too much inspiration.  Or rather too many ideas.  The more choices we have, the less able we are to choose one.  At least that’s what I find until I write them down and do an outline mind map around each one.  Then I just choose the one that seems the easiest.  Because writing isn’t a test: you don’t get extra marks for writing something that’s difficult.  Not even from Kimber.