Perhaps you’re thinking I’m a bit late to the Netflix party. Or if you abhor TV, that it’s a party not worth attending anyway. Well I love TV, and I have my reasons for only recently discovering the joy of Netflix. I tried it yonks ago, but at that time we had to watch ‘internet’ TV through the husband’s PlayStation: and what a faff that was. So I cancelled the subscription. Recently they sent me a rather lovely email inviting me to try them again, for a month, for free. Yes, another free trial. Well, our circumstances have changed, so why not? It’s free!

It all started a year ago when we realised how much money we were paying to Sky. I don’t mind paying for a service, but it was extortionate. Add to that the box we have is several years old, and there’s no way of transferring what’s on there to another box, which we’d have to pay for anyway. So we cancelled Movies and Sports, and began researching how we could view the other programmes we like. ‘Now TV’ seemed to show most of them, and the rest could be served by a FreeView box. All very well, but our internet wasn’t up to reliably streaming HD TV, and FreeView boxes that record don’t come cheap. It all got a bit difficult, and we put it into the ‘do later’ list.

Fast forward to last December and we were thinking about what to buy each other for Christmas. We settled on a new TV, and found a fabby Smart TV within our budget. Everything changed. No more trying not to break the husband’s PlayStation in order to watch ‘internet’ TV! It’s all there! In a menu of ‘Apps’! So easy!

We’ve signed up to Now TV and we’re working out whether that means we can cancel Sky altogether. We have all the FreeView channels loaded on our TV, as well as each channel’s Catch Up service. And we can even record live TV. And, of course, Netflix has now entered my life. It’s possible that the novelty will wear off. But right now, I’ve got a great big TV crush. I’m watching old favourites from the beginning, like Doctor Who, Merlin, and Outnumbered; and making new discoveries, like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, The Crown, and Suits too. For an avid TV viewer, I’m in TV Heaven! 🙂