You may have noticed from some of the photos I’ve posted of Kimber that she’s naturally very furry.  And it’s really cute, but she’s been struggling in the heat recently; yes, even in Scotland it can get too hot in the summer for furry puppies.  Here she is, sheltering under a bush, while letting bunny swelter in the full glare of the fierce, Scottish sun!









So on Monday I took her to Christine’s Grooming Parlour on Gorgie Road here in Edinburgh and left her in the capable hands of Emma.  After a delicious lunch at my mums, I arrived back at Christine’s full of trepidation.  What would she look like?  Would I recognise her?  Well, I’m glad to say, that despite her looking like a lamb (Seamus reckons she’s channelling his look!  Silly Seamus!), she’s still our cute puppy!  Whew!  Here she is, modelling the very latest lamb look: a hairstyle that’s all the rage around Edinburgh at this time of year!