Earlier this morning, Kimber reminded me of a song we used to sing when I was wee.  Each verse started with a certain number of people in the bed and the little one saying ‘rollover, rollover’; and always ended with one less person in the bed, because one had fallen out, banged their head, and given a shout.  Our version went a little bit like this:

“There were three in the bed and the medium one said, rollover, rollover.

So they all rolled over and one (who shouldn’t have been there in the first place!) fell out

And bumped her head and gave a yelp!”

Now if Kimber was prone to learning lessons, she would now know that while silent-and-stealthy may reward you with a shoe insole to chew, it can also earn you a bump on the head!  Unfortunately for Kimber, she’s a very slow learner 🙂

*The photo is another interesting sleeping choice of Kimber’s.  She does actually have safe places to sleep, she just doesn’t always choose to sleep there… 😉