Kimber has a baby sister! Well, she probably has lots of baby sisters, but they haven’t all come to live with my friend, Mhairi! A gorgeous little fluffball called Flora has though. She was introduced to her new home earlier this month, and earlier this week she was introduced to her big sister, Kimber. It was an exciting time. One that I imagined through the lens of a Hollywood blockbuster about long-lost sisters, where the siblings would recognise each other, jump for joy, and then snuggle up together, never to be parted again.

The reality, unfortunately, was somewhat different. Perhaps she’s used to having her Auntie Mhairi all to herself? Or maybe her nose was put out of joint at being out-fluffed? Whatever the reason, Kimber was not remotely impressed with this cute, fluffy puppy. She said a brief ‘hello’, and went straight to greet Mhairi. Not even a sniff of Flora’s bottom.

Flora on the other hand was besotted. She jumped all over Kimber, vying for her attention, and trying to get her to play. When we went for a walk along the canal, Flora was looking for Kimber, while Kimber was sniffing the canal verge and paying not the slightest bit of attention to Flora. We stopped to give Flora a rest, and Flora again tried to get Kimber’s attention, but Kimber just ignored her. This is them. Hardly the picture of sisterly love!

File 29-07-2016 13 00 33

We had lunch in Akva, at the Edinburgh end of the Union Canal, where poor Flora’s torture continued.

Here’s Flora beseeching Kimber to love her…

File 29-07-2016 13 01 20

…and Kimber completely ignoring her.

File 29-07-2016 13 01 39

But I was determined to get some shots of the sisters together, so we had a mini selfie shoot! Telling a wriggly Kimber to behave for a few minutes, and stopping Flora from getting too bouncy, we ended up with these.

File 29-07-2016 13 02 28Awwww! Flora really loves her big sister!

File 29-07-2016 13 03 43

Then I got in on the act. This is our snooty-girls pose.

File 29-07-2016 13 04 04

And this is our ‘do you really want to do that’ pose.

File 29-07-2016 13 04 20

But then it all got a bit boring for Flora and she decided to have a good chew of Kimber’s lead…

File 29-07-2016 13 05 03

As we all waited for our trains, Flora kept trying to snuggle up to her big sister, but Kimber was having none of it. It reminded me of when my sister would let her arm or leg touch mine on long car journeys, and I’d yell at her to stop touching me… I’m good friends with my sister now, so I still hold out hope for Kimber and Flora. And they have the chance to prove me right in a couple of weeks time: fingers crossed for my Hollywood ending!