It’s often been said that Kimber is a very sociable wee dog.  She loves people and adores other dogs.  Her favourite thing to do with big dogs, is to get on her hind legs and pat their face.  A lot.  Her favourite thing to do with small dogs, is jump over them, as if they’re part of an obstacle course.  Some tolerate it, other’s not so much.  The ones that show no interest, she tends to leave alone.  The ones that tell her to piss off, she goes back to, time and time again.  It’s as if she’s saying ‘I’m nice, really, give me a chance, you’ll love me, we’ll be best friends forever!!!’.  We have to physically drag her away before they do more than growl menacingly.  And who would blame them, frankly?  Not me.  Can you imagine how annoying it would be?!

With people, her preference is to jump up and move her paws around in small circles, which is the cutest thing ever, meaning we haven’t stopped her doing it.  We can’t.  It’s too adorable.  Sorry.  If you come to our house she will do her little paw dance, then sit looking cute as pie hoping for a treat.  Then when you sit on the sofa, she’ll jump up there with you and wash your ear.  Or sit on your knee.  If you have something on your knee, like a notebook, newspaper, laptop, iPad, she will definitely put her head on your knee.  Most of our friends like us enough to pretend it’s okay.  We appreciate that 🙂

So if she’s so sociable ‘In Real Life’, why would I be surprised that she has Facebook too?  Of course, her Facebook isn’t contained neatly all together in one place, like a tablet or a phone.  Nor is it able to be accessed in a warm, cosy place, like a living room, or a study.  (I hope…)  No, it’s spread far and wide, and it’s all out in the open, in the great outdoors.  The privacy ratings for Kimber’s Facebook are through the roof.  You’re almost guaranteed anonymity, and nobody except the dog reading your status update knows what you’ve said.  The downside is that it can take some time to find out if anyone’s commented on your posts: especially if your owner takes you a different way one day.  Because, of course, Kimber’s Facebook is every lamppost, wall, electricity box, tree, leaf, twig, blade of grass, stone, fence, telegraph pole, curb stone, flower, that we pass on our walks.  She sniffs every. single. thing. she passes.  And as much as I love Facebook myself, doggy Facebook is a lot less interesting to me.  Especially when I’ve left my phone at home and want to check who’s commented on my Status…  😉