There’s a sense of melancholy hanging around our household this morning.  It was felt when the alarm went off at early o’clock and the husband took Kimber for her walk.  Then, when we were getting ready to go about our day,  it seemed to hang particularly heavily over Kimber, who looked thoroughly depressed.  And even now, mid-morning, the poor pooch is still looking gloomy.  Wee soul!  So what’s caused this bout of canine despondency?  The post-holiday-blues, that’s what.

This time last week we were a few days into our family holiday in Kenmore, which is a lovely village on Loch Tay, in Highland Perthshire.  The sun was shining and we were getting ready to go on a day trip to Comrie, which would involve a big walk for Kimber and some nice lunch for us.  The rest of the week was spent in a similar manner: lovely long walks, good food, catching up with friends, and spending time with family.  But for Kimber, the biggest bonus was that she was always around people; or more importantly, she was always around the husband.  She’s such a daddy’s girl and the worst thing for her today, is that he’s not here.  🙁  He’s going to get a rapturous welcome when he gets home later, and I’m sure she’ll soon settle back into the old routine.  But for now I have a down-in-the-dumps doggy on my hands.