I don’t mean to brag, but yesterday I sat down and worked my way through the Business Bogging Toolkit, and ended up with 60+ blog post ideas and a focussed strategy.  ‘The thing’ is, I’d spent weeks making life difficult for myself, all because I’d forgotten about the tools that were right under my nose.

I created the Business Blogging Toolkit for my ghost blogging clients.  To help us establish what they wanted to get out of their blog, what tone of voice to use, who to write for, what to write, and when to write it.  I also created a template to help them write their own blog posts.  The tools and templates worked so well for my ghost blogging clients that I pulled them together into a toolkit, with an explanation of how to use it, and sold it as an e-product.

So you would’ve thought me crazy these last few weeks, when with Blog Club close to launching, I found myself wondering each week what to write about!  I love writing ‘in the moment’, but I wanted to be more focussed, and have greater sight of what I’m blogging about each week.  Well, duh!!  It suddenly struck me that I have a whole suite of tools and techniques to help me do just that!  As they say in Scotland ‘What a tube!’  So yesterday I sat down and worked my way through the entire toolkit.  I tightened up my focus, before getting clear on who I’d love to join me in Blog Club.  Then I started on Stories That Sell, and by the time I’d finished I had more than 50 blog post ideas.  When I’d finished my Story Cupboard, I had even more!  I even used the Quarterly Planner, which I think is pretty much a first for me with my own blog…

We all have access to a raft of tools and techniques that we learn from books, and courses, and whoever we choose as our teachers.  But so often we create our own tools, techniques, templates, and processes to use with our clients, and forget that we can get just as much from them when we use them for ourselves.  So next time you’re feeling stuck, ask yourself, what would you do if you came to yourself as a client?  Chances are, the answers are right at your fingertips.