Last week my lovely Mum turned 70. She didn’t want a fuss, or lots of presents, but she consented to a small, family, party. The day was great fun, and there were three local businesses that helped to make it so.

One: Scran and Scallie

Scran and Scallie is Michelin-Star-chef, Tom Kitchin’s version of a gastro pub, and they made what could have been a stressful lunch, lots of fun. There were twelve of us altogether: seven adults, four children, and Kimber. These days we only go to dog and child friendly places, and Scran and Scallie delivers brilliantly on both fronts. Kimber had a bowl of water within three minutes of asking for one, and as soon as the children, even our token fussy-eater, had wolfed down their sausages and fish fingers, they scurried off to play in the playroom. Yes, that’s right, there’s a playroom! Peace and quiet for the adults to enjoy their lunch! No wonder it was packed out!

So far so good, but what about the important things: the food and wine? Well, both were delicious. Several of us had the octopus carpaccio, which I think was a Special, and it was so tasty. Tender octopus, chilli, spring onion, and various other bits and pieces combined to make it the best starter I’ve had in a very long time. For main I had the steak pie, which a friend had previously described as the best steak pie he’d ever eaten, and I’d have to concur. It was delicious. Melt-in-the-mouth meat, delicious gravy, and for the adult fussy-eater, you can choose to have it without mushrooms. What’s not to love?! The children appeared back from the playroom for ice cream, which they all declared to be yummy, and the adult deserts didn’t disappoint either.  The lemon pannacotta with rhubarb and orange was a refreshing end to the meal, and apparently all the chocolate deserts were also amazing. The wine was equally good, and it all comes by the glass, so you don’t have to switch wines if you find you need just one more glass to finish off your meal…

The service, even though every table was full for the entire two hours we were there, was impeccable. As soon as you thought that you might like some help, someone was there; but there weren’t people hovering around, giving you indigestion. All the wait staff were friendly, and nothing was too much trouble. The service was so good that my Dad left a tip on top of the service charge. This is unheard of! We loved Scran and Scallie and we’ll be back for sure!

Two: Simmerdim Design

Mum was adamant that she didn’t want presents from us girls. Instead she asked us to make a donation in her name to the Stroke Association, which we did. But we wanted to give her something pretty that she could keep as well. And that’s where Simmerdim Design came in. They’re based in South Queensferry, and they produce all sorts of beautiful stained glass designs. Mum loves irises, so we commissioned a stained glass Iris that she could hang in the window. It’s beautiful, and she loves it. Hooray!

Three: Harvest Tree

You can’t have a birthday without a birthday cake, and what a birthday cake Harvest Tree made for us! The brief from my father was to source a really good, gluten-free, chocolate cake, and that’s exactly what Harvest Tree gave us. I spoke to Mishia on the Monday before the party, and she was able to have it ready for me to collect on the Friday afternoon. It was a gluten-free chocolate fudge cake, covered in delicious chocolate icing, decorated with a sweep of chocolate decorations, and with the obligatory birthday wishes written in white icing. I managed to sneak it into the family home while Mum was chatting with her friend, and so it was a lovely surprise to spring on her when we got back from Scran and Scallie. The cake itself went down a storm, with everyone wanting seconds, and clamouring to take a piece home with them. We had a bit left yesterday, and the husband very kindly let me finish it all by myself. Now I wish I’d kept a bit for today. It was a really good cake!

We had a great time at Mum’s party, and it’s all thanks to these three local businesses. Here are some links to help you get in touch with them.

Scran and Scallie

Simmerdim Design

Harvest Tree