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Blogging can be an integral part of your business strategy, but in order for it to work towards your business success, it needs a clear direction. Using a comprehensive consultation process, I’ll help you to create a clear blogging strategy that helps you meet your business objectives, and makes your marketing a lot easier too.


If you start blogging without a clear idea of why you’re blogging, who you’re blogging for, and what you’re blogging about, it can soon seem like a waste of time. And quite frankly, it probably is. Blogging isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s an integral part of your marketing and business strategy, and a clear blogging strategy is imperative if it’s to play its part in your business success.

After taking the time to understand your business, what you do, and who you do it for, I will help you create a blogging strategy that’s integrated with your business objectives and the rest of your marketing strategy. During our time together you’ll:

  • Banish the idea that blogging is a nice-to-have bolt-on to your marketing, and start to see it for what it is: a tool that helps you to meet your business objectives. We’ll look at your business objectives and set your blog up so that it helps you to meet them. Then I’ll show you how blogging can help make the rest of your marketing strategy a lot easier to implement.
  • Generate a raft of things to blog about. I’ll take you through topic idea generators, and we’ll brainstorm top-tips posts, people you might want to interview, books you might want to blog about, and where you can find news articles that your audience will be interested in. By the time we’ve finished, you’ll never have to scramble around for a blog post idea again!
  • Get really clear on who you’re writing for: we’ll build a profile of your ideal audience so that you know who you’re talking to every time you write a blog post.
  • Create a consistent blogging voice. It’s important to establish what impression you want people to take from reading your blog posts. I’ll help you figure out the tone you want to convey, and give you some ideas about how you can convey it.
  • Understand how to make your words work harder. When you take the time and expend the effort to write a stellar blog post, you want to make sure that it gets read. That means sharing it with the world, and I’ll help you figure out the best way to do that. This is the part where we look at the rest of your marketing strategy and work out how blogging can enhance, or even turbo-charge it!

We can work through your strategy all at once, either in person or over Skype, or in two separate sessions, whatever works best for you.

If you want to devise a comprehensive blog strategy that helps you to meet your business objectives, please email me on, and we can get the ball rolling.


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