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When Two Heads Are Better Than One

  If you want help with your writing, whether that’s
  • figuring out what to write about, and how to go about writing it;
  • or making sense of the big jumble of ideas in your head;
  • or having something written for you, so that you can carry on doing the stuff you love to do;
  • or anything else to do with writing for you, your business, or your audience,
then get in touch.      
We’ll make a virtual date, chat through what you’re looking for, and figure out how best I can help you. The best thing to do is to drop me an email telling me what you need help with, and suggesting a few dates and times that work for you. Then we can jump on Skype and take if from there.  
My email address is

Business Blogging Toolkit

  The Business Blogging Toolkit takes blogging from being a chore that you’d rather avoid, to a valuable customer relationship tool that helps you get chosen.  It’s a collection of PDF templates that ensures your blog works for your business, rather than being just something you feel you have to do.  The toolkit gives your blog a purpose, and makes sure that your blog fulfils it’s potential as a showcase that proves to your customers and potential customers why they should choose you, and helps you to be as awesome online as you are in real life!            
To find out more, and get the toolkit, click on the Business Blogging Toolkit icon.