The more I read about Green Juicing, the more the term Green Smoothies popped up.  I’d made smoothies during my first foray into juicing and found them a great hangover combatant.  But they were a real faff to make, clean up and even drink.  I found them so thick that I’d almost need a spoon, and having to use both the juicer and blender was too much washing-up for them to be a regular occurrence in my household!

Then, after my juicer had been sitting in the cupboard for a while, and yet still making it’s presence felt through it’s absence, I discovered the NutriBullet.  Neither a juicer, nor a blender, but an extractor; it would break down my food so that I got all the nutrition from it. It promised to ‘turn ordinary food into superfood’, now who doesn’t want that?!   And best of all?  All the reviews spoke glowingly of it’s easy-to-clean properties!  🙂

And so this Life Lab was born.  I justified the cost by deciding to blog about it, and comparing it to juicing.  I hope you enjoy the experiment and if you’re joining in at any point, please use the comments section to tell me how you’re getting on.  I’ll probably end up stuck on the same old combination of ingredients so any recipes you want to share will be most gratefully received.  🙂