At this time of year it’s traditional to be looking at the year ahead, deciding what you want to achieve, and figuring out what you need to do to get there. Once upon a time I’d have set New Year Resolutions, but not anymore. Resolutions seem so set in stone, so absolute, that if I set one and then deviate even slightly, I end up feeling like a failure and give it up altogether.

So now I set intentions and goals. It’s the same principle, but I find words can be powerful motivators, and the words ‘intention’ and ‘goal’ seem to give me more lee-way for veering off course, or changing course altogether if I find a particular goal doesn’t work for me. And all without making me feel like an out and out failure.

Each year I make sure that I set some blogging intentions. I give blogging the importance and priority I know it needs if my blog’s going to work for me. Blogging intentions aren’t just about writing. They’re also about how you’re going to generate ideas of what to write about; getting clear on who you’re writing for; deciding how often you intend to publish your posts; and working out where you’re going to publish your posts.

Last year my Blogging Intentions centred around getting clear on who I’m writing for, getting into the habit of publishing once a week for The Write Angles blog, and figuring out what my personal blog is all about. I haven’t set my intentions for this year yet, I’m still formulating them. But in terms of People, Objective, Storycupboard, True To You, and Sharing, my intentions for next year will be focussed on the areas of People and Sharing. I think these are the areas that’ll best serve my business objectives for next year. And because I know this now, I’ve got time to think about what help I might need in order to meet the blogging intentions I set in these areas, and who I might approach to give me that help.

What are your blogging intentions for 2016? Share them in the Comments section!