So there’s a game making the rounds at the moment, called ‘Seven Things’, and the aim is to share seven things people generally won’t know about you.  So here are mine.  Please feel free to write a post with yours and put the link in the comments below 🙂  Okay, here goes!

One: As an RAF cadet at school I earned my solo gliders pilot license.  It was a complete miracle, and the instructors and I swore at each other the whole way around my solo flight.  I’m almost convinced that they gave me my license in the hope that I would never darken their door again!  I didn’t.  And obviously it’s lapsed now.  So everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Two: I love musicals!  My favourite at the moment is Jersey Boys, which I’ve seen in New York and London.  When I first went to see it, it was on the recommendation of my friend, Mark, and I had no idea what it was about.  Now I’m a raving fan 🙂

Three: I’ve met Prince Andrew and all I’ll say is that he has a presence.

Four: The singer from The View stole my drink after I suggested that he could use a haircut.  It was true: his hair was RIDICULOUS.  But he didn’t agree and stole my drink.

Five: Milao liga ellinika! Katalava?

Six: I used to be really bossy.  Apparently.  I’m not sure that’s a real ‘thing you don’t know about me’ because I don’t even think it’s a ‘thing’ that applies to me.

Seven: I have no spatial awareness, none.  If you give me one of those ‘which shape does this make’ tests, I’ll fail it.  Guaranteed.  My spatial awareness is so bad that I once reversed a Fiat Panda into a scooter in a completely empty street.  I’m in love with the technology that lets bumpers beep when they get too close to another object.  My current car has full spectrum cameras…

Eight: (because number six isn’t even true) On the same night I suggested The View singer could use a haircut, I also told off Deacon Blue.  They’d turned up to collect an award at a charity music award night, and instead of singing like everyone else, just got up on stage, collected their award and got back to the booze.  Their excuse was that they hadn’t had enough time to rehearse together.  My argument was that a band who’d been playing together for over thirty years, probably didn’t need much in the way of rehearsal to sing Dignity, Real Gone Kid, and Fergus Sings The Blues…