When I hear something more than once, I pay attention.  So when two lovely ladies I met while walking Kimber told me essentially the same thing, all that was left was to wonder what I’m supposed to do with it.

The first lady had two pooches, who played with Kimber for almost half an hour (so why isn’t she sleeping?!), which gave us plenty of time to have a chat.  We mostly discussed the dogs, but she also confided that she has arthritis, which gets worse during the winter months.  I asked her how she managed with two dogs, and she told me that she was fine once she got going, but the thought of it, and the first few steps weren’t great.

The second lady told me that she hated getting up in the morning because it’s so cold.  She said that once she puts her clothes on, and gets some porridge inside her, it’s fine.  But the thought of getting up, and that first wee while isn’t much fun.

So now I guess I need to ponder what I’m putting off, or dreading, or dismissing as too hard.  Because it seems that it’s the thought and the first few steps that are the worst.  After that, it’s no bother at all 🙂