Last week, the husband and I were having a debate about whether we should go away for the weekend.  We were driving at the time, en route to drop Kimber off at Daycare before heading into the city centre so that the husband could go to work, and I could work out of a local cafe for the day.  Going away for the weekend doesn’t normally spark such a level of debate, but it’d been a last minute decision and I had a lot to get through if we were going to be able to leave reliable wifi for a whole three days.

It was during this debate that we got an unequivocal message that we should go.  The first sign was a car pulling out in front of us into the outside lane of the first dual carriageway on our journey, and then going at ten miles under the speed limit.  Very annoying, and like a red rag to the driving bull that is my husband.  The second sign was the exact same thing happening on the second stretch of dual carriageway, this one an actual motorway with a 70mph speed limit.  When the husband questioned why this kept happening, I suggested that maybe it was a sign that he should slow down?  At which point he turned to me with a bemused smile on his face and pointed to the music display on the dashboard.  The song that was playing at that very moment was entitled ‘Slow Down’.  From an album called Karma.  That ended the rush time rush, and made our decision for us.  We slowed down.  And had our weekend away. 🙂