Earlier this month, I offered all purchasers of the Business Blogging Toolkit a free half hour Skype call with me.  Today’s caller didn’t want to discuss a particular tool in depth, or even discuss the overall process with me; instead she asked if we could use the thirty minutes to talk about her story.  She knows what her story is, we all do, but she wants to tell it in a way that will demonstrate why her ideal customer should choose her.  And to do that, she has to make it all about them, while still establishing her credibility.

At the moment the story on her website is all about her.  She was given the advice that people would want to establish her credentials before they found out more about what she does, but to my mind that’s the wrong way around.  People have a problem they want solved and they want to know that you understand that problem, that you can solve it, how you’ll solve it; and then they might start looking for evidence that you have what it takes.  Sometimes, they just love the solution you bring, and buy without needing to know more.  Other times you need to build a relationship and establish your credibility over time.  It might take longer but you build a more loyal client base by demonstrating your skills, knowledge, and experience over time, than you do by listing your qualifications on your About Page and hoping that will suffice.

The key elements of your story that you need to get absolutely crystal clear on, are What You Do For Your Customer, Why You Do It, and Who Exactly Your Customer Is.  Once you know that, it’s much easier to follow my Five Steps To An Awesome About Page.  And it’s a lot easier to talk about yourself, whether it’s on social media profiles, at networking events, or weaving it into your blog posts.

My caller today didn’t leave with a polished story, but she left a lot clearer about what it contained and how to present it.  She has a lot of credibility, and if she presents it properly and demonstrates it in the stories she tells, she should have no problem attracting her ideal customers.  🙂

PS If you’ve purchased Business Blogging Toolkit and haven’t claimed your thirty minutes, drop me an email: sam@thewriteangles.co.uk