If what you have to say doesn’t seem very interesting to you, does that mean you shouldn’t say it? What does ‘interesting’ even mean?! It’s so subjective, that if it’s the benchmark you use to determine whether to post or not, you can find yourself limiting what you post, and ultimately, who you help.

During the last Blog Week, somebody remarked that they’d written over a hundred blog posts on their topic, and didn’t think they had anything new to say about it. They worried about saying the same thing over and over again, because surely that wouldn’t be very interesting for their readers. Someone commented that actually they needed to hear something a few times before it sinks in, and I think that’s true for most of us. And when you know more about a subject than the people you’re trying to help, what might seem boring to you, can actually be very interesting to them.

There’s a fear amongst bloggers that one boring post will put people off reading their blog for life, but I don’t think that’s the case. Most of your posts will be of more interest to some people than others, for sure, but if you make it easy for them to find and read your posts, chances are the people you want to serve will keep reading regardless. And if your posts are informative, if they show people who you are, how you understand them and their problem, and how you can help them, then surely that’s interesting enough? Not every blog post has to be a work of literary art 🙂

When you’re your own worst critic, giving yourself the hurdle of ‘being interesting’ before you post, can mean that you never post anything. Which means you won’t be telling people who you are, and how you can help them. You won’t be giving them anything to relate to, and you won’t be demonstrating how well you understand them and their problem. In other words, you won’t be helping them to choose you.

The more you write, the better you get. The more you write, the bigger the audience you attract. And the more you write, the more you understand what ‘interesting’ means to them. So don’t worry too much if what you’re writing doesn’t seem that interesting to you: after a while you’ll figure out what’s interesting to the people you want to buy what you sell. And it’s their interpretation of ‘interesting’ that actually matters.