When it comes to blogging it’s vital to write from the right angle.  When you write from your own perspective, it’s all too easy to dip into sales mode and start listing features and establishing your credibility.  While these are important, their place is in your Sales and About Pages, not your blog.  Each blog post is an opportunity to show, rather than tell your prospective and existing customers why they should choose, or keep choosing, you.  How dull would it be if I spent every blog post listing the features of Blog Club, or the reasons you should hire me to ghost write your blog posts?  Instead, I think about what would be interesting or useful for you and write about that.  Then, when you want more help to blog each week, you know how I work and what I’m like.

The only perspective you should be considering when you’re writing for your blog is your ideal customer’s.  Even when you’re writing about yourself.  The number of vanity lines I’ve cut from blog posts because they wouldn’t remotely interest you!   So how do you make sure you’re always writing from your customers’ perspective?  Here are three ways that I use:

One: Build up a picture of one ideal customer: their circumstances, frustrations, ideal solutions, how they use what you sell, likes, dislikes.  This makes it easier to step into their shoes before you write.

Two: Pretend you’re talking to them when you’re writing.  You’re more likely to consider someone else when you’re talking to them.  This is a great way to keep your blog posts in your own voice too.

Three: Count the number of ‘You’s versus ‘I’s in your post.  If there’re more ‘I’s than ‘You’s, chances are that your post is more about you than your customers.

What do you do to keep it all about your customers?  Please share in the comments below.