Apologies if today’s post is boringly introspective.  I realise, as a seasoned blogger, that that’s not the best introduction, but to be honest this isn’t my first or last post, and I’m hoping to write better ones than this.  So if you pass this one by, I’m not going to be too upset.

The fact is that I’ve been debating what today’s post should be about.  I started off with a bit of a rant about a lady I saw while out walking Kimber.  But then yesterday’s post was a bit of a rant, and I don’t want this to become a rant-fest of a blog.  Which led me to wonder why I wouldn’t want this to be a rant-fest of a blog.  I mean, many people positively thrive on ranty blog posts, and lots of people like to read them.  But I’m not really a full time ranter.  I get irate, I mean who doesn’t.  But it’s not a full time position.  Most of the time I’m quite calm and relaxed about things.  And positive.

After quite a bit of consideration, I realised why I was resisting the rant.  It’s because I feel that I should be putting my best foot forward when it comes to being online.  Which means being my positive, not ranty self.  Now I wouldn’t like you to think that I’ve been leading you a merry dance or anything.  I am, by and large, a very happy, positive person.  And I can usually see the good in most people and most situations.  But sometimes that comes after I’ve had a bit of a rant about said people and situations.  In those circumstances I need to clear the negative, burn it off so to speak, so that I can see the positive.

I guess this is all part of me breaking down my self-imposed box.  And even discovering the dimensions of said box!  So I’ll let myself rant a bit, to burn off that bit of my psyche.  In the hope that what lays beneath produces better things to write about.  In the meantime, if you happen to walking your puppy and find that it likes to play a bit of rough and tumble with mine, turn around and engage with me: picking up your puppy and hitting out at mine, is not going to make you any friends.  Does this look like a rough wee dog to you!!!!

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