Start Slowly with a few ingredients at first, before adding more in.  The best smoothies I made at the beginning were half spinach with the other half consisting of banana, strawberries and blueberries.

Never blend pips.  Apple pips, pear pips, peach stones, plum stones, apricot stones, avocado stones all produce a poison when they’re blended.  If it has a hard pip, core or stone it before putting it in your NutriBullet.

Only fill liquid to the ‘Max’ line.  If it goes even a millimetre over, your NutriBullet will leak!  Take it from someone who’s had to clean up that mess!!  And here’s a bonus: always make sure the blades unit is screwed on tight to the beaker…

Peel lemons, ginger, beetroot, bananas, avocados.  At least for my taste, I like to.  You can try leaving them unpeeled if you like and let me know, in the comments below, how you get on.  I like being proven wrong.  Sometimes. 😉

Add nuts and coconut oil to make your smoothie into a satisfying meal.  At the moment I’m using flaked almonds and chopping up some walnuts.  This morning it occurred to me that I should bash the bag of walnuts with a wooden spoon and then the chopping would be done for me!  I add about a tablespoon of coconut oil and then give Kimber the spoon to lick: she loves it!

Never put coconut oil in the beaker first.  Unless of course you like big lumps of coconut sticking to the bottom of your cup.  Put it in the middle, or even last.

Wash the beaker immediately after you’ve finished your smoothie.  If you don’t at least rinse it, all the blended ingredients stick to the beaker and become a real pain to get off, slightly negating the ‘cleaning’ argument for getting a NutriBullet in the first place.  I also put my beakers in the dishwasher every few days, but I’m a bit OCD about getting dishes clean.

Wash the blades immediately you’ve unscrewed them from the beaker.  This is more imperative than cleaning the beaker because the blades are trickier to clean.  Always use washing up liquid when coconut oil is one of your ingredients.  And every so often, put a bit of washing liquid and some warm water into the beaker, attach the blades, give it a zizz and rinse.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!  There are so many delicious things you can put in your NutriBullet, that it’d be a shame to restrict yourself to the same old smoothie each time.  There are loads of recipes spinning around the web, and about a zillion Pages on Facebook dedicated to green smoothies.  So inspiration is out there!

Give your tummy time to get used to all the extra fibre.  Because you’re putting more fibre through at one time than usual, your tummy might need some time to adjust.  It’ll be thanking you for it after a few days.  Although I wouldn’t have a smoothie after a big meal!