Last week I found myself volunteering to be part of an Art Blog-Hop.  A Blog Hop is where you answer certain questions in a blog post, link to the person who nominated you, and link to three (or however many) bloggers who post the answers to the questions the following week on their blog.  An Art Blog-Hop is a blog-hop for artists.  Which leads me to beg the question: can I call myself an artist???

When I first put my hand up, virtually of course, I was all gung-ho about how my cartoons of Seamus made me eligible to take part.  But now, as I sit down to write the post, I’m wondering, who the hell do I think I am to call myself an artist?  When I look at the work of the person who passed the baton on to me, and the ones who preceded her on the hop, they are what I would call ‘an artist’: they can draw for a start!

But then, what is art anyway?  Is it exquisitely drawn/painted/sculpted masterpieces?  Or is it an expression of something?  A story told through various mediums?  If it’s the former then I’m a charlatan for participating in the blog-hop and will be laughed off the internet.  If it’s the latter, then I reckon I have a place.  I hope it’s the latter.  Because then we all have a place in the world of art.