When I set up my website at samdounis.com, I envisaged a creative online playground, where I could write about anything and generally have fun.  Then I imposed so much structure to it that the original vision couldn’t possibly be fulfilled.  Instead of a free-flowing blog, filled with my musings and opinions and adventures, I gave myself a box for a limited range of posts that kept me in the realms of ‘acceptable’, ‘safe’, and ‘neutral’ from an opinion point of view.  Perhaps deep down I suspect that nobody really wants to hear what I have to say, or perhaps I’m scared of what people will say when they know what I think.  I mean, what if someone challenges me?!

I didn’t always shy away from confrontation: in fact I remember a time when I relished it.  So what’s changed?  Am I so fearful that my opinions will chase away potential clients?  Do I suspect that there are so few people who value what I do and what I can do for them that I hesitate to offend any of them?  I doubt that my opinions are so offensive that I will be shunned by society!  Or do I think I’m so boring that I just have nothing worth writing about in my life??  Does anyone else think this is sounding like self-indulgent bullshit?????  Because I do!!!!

So I’ve taken a challenge.  Forget the box, the constraints, the rules.  For twenty-eight days straight I’m going to be writing a blog post at samdounis.com, about whatever I want.  Who knows where the inspiration will come from: all I know is that I’ll have to find it on a daily basis.  It’s a fun experiment, and I’m not doing it alone.  There are, fittingly, twenty-eight of us along for the ride; led by blogger extraordinaire, Lotte Lane, on her Come Blog With Me challenge.  Yesterday was the first day, and it feels like there’s an adventure afoot!  It feels fun already.  I can’t wait to see where it takes me, and what the benefits are for both that blog and this one.  🙂