When I was in Loudons the other day, three gentlemen in suits sat at a table nearby and proceeded to spend more than 10 minutes discussing shoes. In particular the shoes of one of their colleagues, who happens to wear yellow ones. To work! With his suit! What in the world. They found the whole affair scandalous, and wondered what he was thinking each morning when he shod himself with custard-like shoes. I’m assuming they were custard coloured, as they didn’t go into that kind of detail, but given their obsession I’m fairly certain that if they were neon yellow I’d have known all about it! One of the chaps remarked that he was wearing maroon shoes that day, but then he was wearing a brown suit: he reassured everyone that he wouldn’t dream of wearing them with his blue suit. Whew! After all, he went on to remark, that would just be “a bit too American!”!!

Not long after overhearing this ridiculous conversation, I found myself questioning my own choice of footwear. I was due to attend a lunch time networking event: one frequented by ‘proper’ business people, who work in offices and have a dress code to adhere to. I normally try to blend in a bit, wearing a dress, or something black with normal shoes. But that day I wanted to wear red shoes. They’re kind of clog like and not at all businessy. But they are kind of me. So I asked the husband whether they looked stupid for a business networking event, and he declared that they’d look stupid on a normal person, but on me they looked fine. Yay!

And ever since he reassured me, I’ve been thinking about Mr Yellow Shoes, and how brilliant he is. Because every time he meets someone he stands out. He doesn’t go crazy and dress in some wild manner: he still wears a suit and adheres to the conventions of his environment. He shows those who meet him that he’s as knowledgeable and as trustworthy as the rest of his colleagues, while also showing them that he’s interesting and has a personality through those fabulous yellow shoes. He shows us that you can stand out, be remembered, and be talked about without throwing convention to the wind, or pulling wild stunts. He stands out quietly and confidently through his shoes. Bravo Mr Yellow Shoes, you have much to teach us!

What’s your equivalent of yellow shoes? Comment below and let me know!