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Welcome to Write and Review!


Write and Review is perfect for you if you’re a business owner who would like to blog but:

  • You think you’re rubbish at writing, or
  • You worry that you’ll get it wrong, or
  • You don’t know what to write about, or
  • You’re scared that people will laugh at what you post, or
  • You write one blog post and then abandon the enterprise for three months before starting again with the same results, or
  • You know that you’d blog more regularly if you had someone relying on you to meet a deadline.


Write and Review builds your confidence in writing, and publishing, regular blog posts. It’s not like any other service I’ve offered, and it’s as close as I can get to helping you blog without actually writing your blog posts for you.


If you want to blog but aren’t, and you’d like someone holding your hand and cheering you on so that you do, read on.

Why Blog?

If you provide a service, then I’m guessing that you’re not the only person who provides that service. Even if your service is to take people to the moon, the people you want to work with have a choice. So how do you help the people you want to work with choose you?

Blogging is brilliant at helping people to decide to work with you. It’s the easiest way for people to get to know you without actually meeting you in person. Your potential clients want to work with someone who understands them, their unique-to-them problem, and how to solve it. Blogging helps them see all of that, and provides a myriad of reasons as to why they should choose you.

What you might not know, is that you don’t have to be a brilliant writer to be good at blogging. In fact, there are some brilliant writers who are, quite frankly, rubbish at blogging.

What you probably do know, is that there’s a catch to blogging: it only works when you do it.

What Is Write And Review


Write And Review is a service where I help you to write and publish two blog posts over the course of a month. We meet up over Skype at the beginning of the month, and produce a draft outline for two blog posts. Then, over the course of the month, you write up each of the draft outlines into a blog post, and send it to me to review. I then email you back my suggestions, encouragement, and reassurance that the post is good to go.

You get the benefit of all my skills, knowledge and experience in helping you to:

  • Come up with stories to share that will help people to choose you.
  • Establish your main objective/message for each post.
  • Figure out what information needs to go in the post, and in what order.
  • Edit the post once it’s been written, so that it’s as good as it can be.


When you work with me you’ll never be stuck for what to blog about, and you’ll find that your confidence in your writing ability improves enormously. And of course, you’ll avoid making all of those common blogging mistakes that make people click away from your post.

Why Me?

I do what I do because I’m fed up meeting awesome people, who have really great businesses, that do amazing things, only to log onto their websites to find trite, boring, anyone-can-say-that statements about their business, and absolutely no evidence of how awesome they are.

These days, when you meet someone in-real-life, they don’t wait until the next time they meet you to carry on the conversation; they look up your website, or your social media profiles, and what they find there will influence their opinion of you. I want to help you use your blog to reaffirm their first impressions of you and your business. I want to help you use your blog to give them reasons to choose you. And if you do most or all of your business online, then you shouldn’t need me to tell you that blogging is your number one sales tool.

But, like you, I’m not the only person who helps business owners like you to get blogging and keep blogging. So why should you choose me? Most people need around seven ‘convincers’ to consider buying a high-ticket item or service, so here are seven reasons why you should work with me.


Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose Me!

ONE: I’ve been in your shoes. Hell, I am in your shoes! I’ve faced resistance, experienced the blocks, worried about what people will think, convinced myself that I’ve got it all wrong, stopped blogging, and come out the other side. I can help you because I get it. You’re doing all the things, and you don’t have time to do it wrong and mess it up. You worry that people will laugh, and that your writing will lose you credibility rather than win you customers. I will help you get it right.

TWO: I’m really good at seeing the big picture. In our first call we’ll look at how your blog can help you reach your wider business objectives, and if ever you get bogged down in all the detail of writing a blog post, which can easily happen, I’ll bring you back out of the chaos to reconnect with why you’re blogging in the first place. This is one way I have of making blogging easier for you.

THREE: I’m an ideas person. I’m really good at coming up with ideas, and I can often be heard saying ‘Oh, you know what you should do…?’ when speaking to business colleagues. The better I get to know your business, the better I’ll be at this, but I will always be able to help you come up with ideas of what to blog about.

FOUR: I’m really good fun to work with. I take what I do seriously, but I’m not a serious person. You’ve seen my cartoons, right?! I’m straight talking, but I tell it how it is with kindness and humour. I promise you that we will have a laugh at the same time as I support you to produce and publish four blog posts each month.

FIVE: I’m a skilled and experience writer and coach/mentor. I’ve been writing about businesses in one way or another for almost twenty years. From corporate banking reports to the credit committee so that they could decide whether to lend millions of pounds to a business they’d never heard of, or any one of my freelance writing projects, which include ghost blogging, web copy, sales letters, and product descriptions. I’m also a fully qualified coach, although I like telling people what I think they should do, so I prefer to mentor!

SIX: I have a very good imagination. I used to get told off for daydreaming, but now I use my active imagination to write fiction. I have to create characters and imagine what they would do in any given situation. This is handy for stepping into your customers shoes, which means it’ll be easier to come up with the stories they want to hear from you.

SEVEN: I’m really good at summarising what you do. Because you’re not the only person who does what you do, it can be easy to slip yourself into a generic description that could fit any number of people. I’m good at helping you get to the nub of what makes you special, and what it is specifically that you do for the people you work with.

How It Works In More Detail

First Write And Review Session

Each Write And Review session is for one month. If this is your first Write and Review session, then our Skype call at the beginning of the month will last for 90 minutes, rather than an hour. I’ll also ask you to complete a short questionnaire, so that I can start to get a feel for your business before we meet. The extra time on our call will give me the opportunity to learn more about you and your business. I may also want to ask additional questions when I’m reviewing your blog posts, just until I get to know you and your business better.

During our call we’ll discuss potential blog post topics, and I will help you to choose a couple to focus on. We’ll then work together to determine what should go in each one, and you’ll end the call with two draft outlines.

Over the course of the month, you use each outline to create a blog post, and send me the completed post. Generally, if you send me the post by, for example, the Wednesday evening, I’ll turn it around by the Friday morning.

I review your post and send back my comments, suggestions, and encouragement. It’s then up to you to make whatever edits you agree with, and then you can publish it whenever you like.


Subsequent Write And Review Sessions

Subsequent Write And Review sessions will follow the same pattern, but the Skype call will last for an hour.


Refunds And Extensions

The whole point of Write And Review is to get you blogging, and keep you blogging. Over each month you get the opportunity to have two blog posts reviewed, but it’s a use-it-or-lose-it deal. If you don’t use your opportunities in that time period, there are no refunds or extensions. I am turning up for you with my enthusiasm turned up to the maximum, and my red pen at the ready. It’s up to you to make the most of that. I want to work with business owners who really want to use blogging to help their customers choose them. If that’s you, then I’m really looking forward to working with you.


Six Spots

So that I can give each blogger the time and attention that they deserve, there are only six spots available in Write And Review at any one time. I always recommend that you continue for more than one session, and as a result, once you start Write And Review, you keep your spot for as long as you want it. My goal is to work with you until you have the confidence and momentum to continue blogging on your own, and only then will your spot become available for someone else.



Write And Review Sessions: £275

What To Do Next

If you’re ready to get serious about showing the people you want to work with why they should choose to work with you, here’s what to do next.

  1. Click the big pink button below.
  2. Pick when you want to start, and book an appointment in my diary.
  3. Pay for your first session.
  4. Complete the questionnaire I send you.
  5. Show up for our Skype call.