I remember one time when I had an extremely violent episode of food poisoning.  I was ill for days, and had no idea what had sparked it off.  Until I went to the cupboard a few days into my recovery and took out some eggs to cook.  Cue retching, and an instant recognition of the source of my illness.  We know what we need, or in this case what we absolutely don’t.

Today the husband asked me what was for lunch.  He’s at home for the next few weeks.  I asked him what he wanted for lunch, to which he replied that he didn’t know.  I suggested I might cook an omelette, to which he screwed up his nose and said that he ‘craved’ a salad.  So he knew what he needed.  A lovely salad with egg, smoked salmon, and cottage cheese.  Nice that the ingredients were all waiting for him in the fridge, ready to assemble 🙂  He knew what he needed: or at least the body he’s filled with too much wine, and kept up way past it’s bedtime for the last few nights, knew what it needed!

Even Kimber’s getting in on the act!  Earlier, when I came back from the supermarket, and the pet shop, she had a nosy in all the bags.  And instead of pulling out a bag of her treats, or a beefy bone, she found a carrot and started demolishing that!  Her body clearly needed veggies more than it needed snacks, or treats, or a meaty bone.  We know what we need.

I came across it this weekend too.  I was in a couple of my business Facebook Groups asking for someone to recommend an e-course about building e-courses.  I had a couple in mind: one that had heaps of information, exercises, modules, and seemed really comprehensive; another, which seemed less intense and didn’t feel as comprehensive as the first.  Still, I was definitely swayed towards the second option, and not just because it was cheaper; it just felt more ‘right’.  But surely comprehensive should win?  I mean what if I needed some of all that information at a point in the future?  During a couple of great discussions, I realised that the missing ingredient of the second choice related to the content creation, and the design.  Both of which I’m more than comfortable with.  The bit I need help with is getting it out there and known about.  Because I really want people to buy it!  Which coincidentally, is what the course I was looking at does really well.  I knew what I needed.  It just took a bit of time and investigation to realise it!