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Hi, I’m Sam, and the cute one’s Kimber!

At the moment we’re on a bit of a mission to find more joy in our everyday lives. Because joy doesn’t have to be about the big stuff – holidays, birthday celebrations, a visit from a much missed friend. Sometimes joy can be found simply by looking around you, and living in the present, rather than the future or the past. Other times you have to purposefully invite it in by making time for the things you love to do, even if that means you don’t mop your kitchen floor for a while… I know how lucky I am: I get to walk Kimber every day, which when I’m actually paying attention is joyful from start to finish. Except when she rolls in fox poo, of course! And every day I get to choose to do the thing that I love to do the most: write. As well as writing for this blog, I’m working on my first novel, which is currently on the third draft. It’s easy and challenging, all at the same time, and when I lose myself in it, there is joy for sure. And doubt, and fear, but above all, joy. My wish is that you find something here that inspires and/or entertains you. Either, or both. And if you’d like something inspiring and entertaining to drop into your email inbox on a semi-regular basis, then please sign up for Sunday Sunshine: it’s guaranteed to help you start your week with a smile. You can find out more below. 🙂


Here’s to having more joy in all of our lives!


Sam x


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