Using Stories To Inspire and Entertain


Hi, I’m Sam, and the cute one’s Kimber!

I use this space to share Writing Inspiration; stories about writing, life, Kimber; cartoons about a very silly sheep; and the odd recipe. As well as writing for this blog, I’m working on my first novel, which I’m currently editing and getting into a good enough shape to be seen by an editor. It’s fun and challenging, all at the same time, and when I lose myself in it, I love that I get to have this life. My wish is that you find something here that inspires and/or entertains you. Either, or both. And that you’ll share your stories with me too, because isn’t that what life is all about: sharing stories? 


Have a great day!


Sam x


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Ten Things I Love About Kimber

Today, 20th February, is apparently 'Love Your Pet' Day! I don't know who makes this stuff up, and who these pet owners are who need a specific day to love their pet, but hey, all blog post inspiration is good. So here we go, Ten Things I Love About Kimber. One: I...

Motivation, Overwhelm, And Fear Of Failure

One of the benefits of working for an organisation is that someone else has decided the components of your job, and your role is to execute that to the best of your ability. When you work for yourself, you have a lot of decisions to make around what you do and how you...

Recipe: Healthy Cream Cheese Tzatziki

Last May the husband and I decided that we really should do something about becoming a bit healthier. He was pretty good on the exercise front, but we both needed to lose some weight. So I signed up for Lean & Learn, a health and fitness programme designed around...