Project Joy: How To Find Joy In The Everyday


Hi, I’m Sam, and the cute one’s Kimber!

We’re on a mission to find more joy in our everyday lives, and to inspire you to do the same. For me, joy is a connection with my soul, with the very essence of me. And I’d like some more of it. When I was a child, finding joy was easy, and looking back I can see that joy can be about small, simple things. Sure it can come from trips to beautiful places, and celebrations with family and friends; but it can also come from introducing colour into my life, or watching Kimber run towards me. And that’s what I want to reclaim: that ease of finding joy. And I’m going to use this blog to prove that you don’t have to make a lot of effort, or radically change your life to feel joy every day. Care to join me?


To find out more, click here for some Project Joy blog posts, or sign up for my weekly newsletter, Sunday Sunshine, below. I’ve put together a starter-for-ten type of resource to help you start to find more joy in your everyday, and you’ll get a copy when you sign up.


Here’s to more joy in all of our lives!


Sam x


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