Using Stories To Inspire and Entertain


Hi, I’m Sam, and the cute one’s Kimber!

I use this space to share Writing Inspiration; stories about writing, life, Kimber; cartoons about a very silly sheep; and the odd recipe. As well as writing for this blog, I’m working on my first novel, which I’m currently editing and getting into a good enough shape to be seen by an editor. It’s fun and challenging, all at the same time, and when I lose myself in it, I love that I get to have this life. My wish is that you find something here that inspires and/or entertains you. Either, or both. And that you’ll share your stories with me too, because isn’t that what life is all about: sharing stories? 


Have a great day!


Sam x


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A Step Back In Time

Yesterday I went back to school. Not to learn, or so I thought, but to give a talk about blogging to some pupils at a local primary school as part of their World at Work Week. As it turns out I probably learned as much as they did.    First of all, primary school...

Dog-Friendly Edinburgh: Cafe Tartine

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, our fourteenth to be exact, and even though it was a school night, we decided to go out to celebrate. After all, fourteen years is rather a long time. Now, obviously there’s no show without Punch, so Miss Kimber Dounis would have...

Ten Things I Love About Kimber

Today, 20th February, is apparently 'Love Your Pet' Day! I don't know who makes this stuff up, and who these pet owners are who need a specific day to love their pet, but hey, all blog post inspiration is good. So here we go, Ten Things I Love About Kimber. One: I...